Competent Caregiving Provides In Home Caregiving, Including Companionship
Services for Patients Throughout Orange County CA

When a loved one is recovering from surgery, a hospital stay, or a serious illness, the need for companionship is critical. Patients receiving at-home medical treatment may be facing a full range of emotions: fear, confusion, anger, uncertainty, hopelessness. Many patients recuperating from such conditions are susceptible to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety that can worsen and make recovery more challenging.

Because of these challenges, companionship is a critical part of recovery. Having contact with other people is crucial for several reasons. Providing companionship has multiple advantages for patients and their family members, including:

  • Distraction
    For patients, the recovery period can become an all-consuming focus. A caring companion offers a usually welcome distraction from the discomfort, difficulties, and emotions surrounding the medical problems.
  • Empathy
    Often patients do not want to burden their family members with the discussion of their emotions, which can often deviate quickly from one to another. Often the most effective companies are those who have a sympathetic ear, who can listen and understand the patient’s emotional state. A non-relative companion can also provide perspectives from a less emotional, more impartial position without judgement.
  • Respite
    For patients and the family members who care for them, companionship offers a release and a relief. It is essential that family caregivers have respite time to complete other necessary tasks, escape the pressures of caregiving, and have some time away. Similarly, patients may feel guilty about the burden being placed on family members and see a visiting companion as a way of alleviating that guilt or shame.
  • Safety
    A companion provides another resource for patients and caregivers and a new perspective on a patient’s recovery. While most individuals who offer companionship services are not medical professionals, they can share their observations with family members, providing at times, a fresh perspective on a patient.
  • Mental stimulation
    Companionship provides interaction and engagement that can be critical for patients who live alone or are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

At Competent Caregiving, we offer a full range of companionship services for patients in a range of situations, from independent seniors still living in their own homes to those in assisted living facilities, to those recovering from an illness or surgery.

Competent Caregiving staff work with patients and families to find the activities and engagement that works best, whether it’s reading books aloud, playing games, watching sports or television together, going for walks, participating in favorite activities or simply having meaningful conversations.

Our caregivers undergo careful screening prior to hire and our services are licensed and bonded.  Since 1988, Competent Caregiving has offered in-home assistance and care services in Costa Mesa and throughout Orange County.

In addition to companionship services, Competent Caregiving staff can assist with a range of other needs, including personal grooming and hygiene, feeding assistance, dressing, toileting, nutrition and meal preparation, driving to medical appointments, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, medication reminders, respite care, and assistance with pet care. When you want your loved one to have meaningful, comfortable companionship in a time of need, you can count on Competent Caregiving.